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........................The "Mutha"

My name is Krista Ernst.  Back in 1991 I moved from New York to Austin, TX and bought a tiny, little dump of a house on a nice big lot.  From my parents I knew just enough about home repair and construction to get myself into trouble but had an eager attitude and discovered I had a real knack for all things handy.

Over the subsequent 20 years, including 8 years painting sets in the movie industry, I’ve helped design and build an addition, plumbed and constructed an outdoor shower, designed and built most of the furniture in my house and transformed my hovel into a lovely, landscaped home and myself into One Handy Mutha’.

In business now since 2010 I find that I enjoy the diversity and complexity of the work I do and the opportunity it affords me to meet and work with a wide variety of interesting people.  I also enjoy the fact that working for myself has given me the flexibility to be one great mutha’ to my two amazing kids- my all time favorite job!